Thru the Bible – Day 292

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Day 292 – Thru the Bible

Today we complete Acts. Well done!

Acts 27Compared to other parts of Paul’s journeys in Acts, Luke goes into great detail about the storm at sea. This journey shows God’s sovereign purposes and underscores that God can be trusted to fulfill His promises: God not only led and called Paul but protected him and was indeed an intricate part of every step of Paul’s voyage. Paul announces to the other sailors and prisoners what was revealed to him, that despite an imminent shipwreck, they will reach Rome without loss of life (verses 21–26). Sure enough, the ship crashes against an island, but no one dies. Paul had taken God at His word, even as the storm dragged on and the professional sailors despaired.

God is the true actor behind the scenes. Paul acts as a messenger of God’s promise, but he displays no power to quiet the storm, as Jesus did (Luke 8:22–25). Paul was first a recipient of God’s grace, and now is an agent of grace to others, but God is the ultimate deliverer.

What storms has God’s grace brought you through?


Acts 28As in John 5:39–47 and Luke 24:25–27, 44, we are once again encouraged to see that the entire Bible, even the parts that come before Jesus’ human birth, are about Jesus. He is the point of the Bible. The Bible is fundamentally a single book with a single message of God’s redemption through His Son of lost and rebellious sinners. Everything in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, contributes to this overarching message.

Luke ends his account on a note of triumph, showing Paul in the capital of the world as he preaches the gospel “without hindrance” to all who will hear it.

Luke and Paul both knew that the mission that Jesus had laid out was not fully accomplished. Paul mentions in his letters that he intended to travel beyond Rome to even more distant Spain (Romans 15:24). In its early form, however, Jesus has fulfilled His promise (Acts 1:8): the message of salvation has begun to reach the “end of the earth,” and because God has proven faithful to bring His gospel to Rome, we can trust that He will continue to spread it abroad. Acts is intentionally open-ended, inviting our participation in God’s mission, as He overcomes opposition to bring His word of forgiveness to all people.

The book ends with Paul preaching the kingdom of God with “boldness and without hindrance.” This is a fitting summary and conclusion to the book. The gospel of Jesus Christ goes from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth, not without trouble, but without hindrance. God’s purposes will have their way. The book of Acts tells the story of Jesus building His church by His grace and gives us confidence that He will continue so to build it until He returns.

How is your life now a part of this Story?


What other thoughts or questions does today’s reading bring up?


Some of these notes are from the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible study notes. We highly recommend this study Bible.

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