Thru the Bible – Day 19

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Day 19 – Thru the Bible

Video – Theme: Holiness

Today’s video looks at what it means to be Holy. What caught your attention in the video?


We continue in Exodus as God begins to bring the plagues. God’s purpose in these plagues: “By this you shall know that I am the Lord” (7:17)

Exodus 7 – Such judgment of Pharaoh magnifies God’s grace to a greater degree – for surely Israel did not “deserve” mercy and deliverance. They too deserved judgment.

What made Israel different from the Egyptians?

What makes us any different?

Note: What we deserve is God’s judgment and wrath because of our sin. The only thing that makes us different from those who receive God’s judgment is His sovereign grace. In Christ, we could not be more secure, for Jesus took upon Himself the full wrath of God that we deserved.


Exodus 8 – In 8:15 we see the mysterious interaction between God’s sovereign purpose and human beings’ free agency.

Who was responsible for hardening Pharaoh’s heart: God or Pharaoh?

The answer is both. Pharaoh had determined to maintain Hebrew slavery and not to bow to Moses’ (and the Lord’s) demands, and so he hardened his heart and suppressed the truth that he heard. Yet the reason why he never softened was God’s purpose of judgment. God gave Pharaoh over to what his heart wanted and withheld his mercy (Romans 1:18–32). In the end, Pharaoh’s hardness would serve God’s glory (Exodus 9:16).

What change occurs with the third plague (see 8:18-19)?

What change occurs with the fourth plague (see 8:22)?


Exodus 9 – In 9:27 Pharaoh repents, and admits the Lord is in the right. But was this true repentance (see 9:34)?

What are the indications of true repentance?


Psalm 19How are God and His Word described?

John 1 reveals that Jesus is the Word of God, so what is revealed about Jesus here in Psalm 19?

Since we know we cannot live up to the standard of the law. How does this Psalm point us to Jesus in our own lives?


What other thoughts or questions does today’s reading bring up?


Some of these notes are from the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible study notes. We highly recommend this study Bible.

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