Thru the Bible – Day 11

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Day 11 – Thru the Bible

Video – Torah: Genesis 12-50

What caught your attention in today’s video?


Genesis 35 – Notice the changing of names. Jacob changes his final son’s name from Ben-oni (“son of my sorrow”) to Benjamin (Ben-yamini, “son of my right hand”) and God changes Jacob’s name to Israel.

What does this reveal to you? How does this effect one’s identity?

In this same chapter we’re reminded of the consequence of Adam’s rebellion against God and the resulting sin – ultimately ending in physical death.

How does the knowledge of death push us to seek a savior?


Genesis 36  – here the “two sons” theme continue (Cain and Able, Ishmael and Isaac, Jacob and Esau) marking out separate human destinies. All under the sovereign grace of God. Genesis 36 shows us that even as an outsider to the privileged covenant promises of God, Esau has been granted life and family.

What does this reveal about God’s grace?


Genesis 37 – This chapter begins the story of Joseph – the favored son of Jacob. There’s a Biblical pattern of God’s chosen deliverers being rejected, with even the rejection playing a crucial part in the process of deliverance.

How does this remind us of and point us toward Jesus?


Psalm 11  – This Psalm says the “upright shall behold [God’s] face.

What makes us “upright”? Hint: It’s not about what we do or have done…how does this point us to Jesus?


What other thoughts or questions does today’s reading bring up?


Some of these notes are from the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible study notes. We highly recommend this study Bible.

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